uPro Golf GPS by Callaway Golf

41FmGr5neZL. SL160  uPro Golf GPS by Callaway Golf
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Price: $399.99

Product Features:

  • Golf GPS system with sleek and unobtrusive design that fits in a pocket or belt holder
  • Provides golfer with aerial and satellite photographs of your favorite golf courses
  • Built-in GPS technology clearly locates the golf course hazards and flagsticks
  • Connects to www.uprogps.com for golf course downloads; 2.2-inch high-resolution color screen
  • Includes battery, wall adapter, USB cable, and free course download; 6-month warranty

Product Description

Looking to improve your course management skills? Turn to the uPro golf GPS system, which employs state-of-the-art GPS, aerial, and satellite technology to accurately render the details of thousands of golf courses. The uPro starts by providing the avid golfer with aerial and satellite photographs of the golf course, so you can see what the hole looks like before you play it. At the same time, the unit’s built-in GPS system clearly locates the golf course hazards and flagstick, so you know what you’re up against at any moment. With each glance at the 2.2-inch, high-resolution color screen, you can see a different view of the fairway, check out the upcoming sand traps and water hazards, or receive a distance marker that helps you select the correct club length. Even more impressive, the uPro’s SmartView technology anticipates the hazards that you’ll face on your next shot, so you can plan accordingly based on the strengths of your game. Don’t want to carry water on your second shot? The SmartView technology’s dynamically generated "viewports" will tell you which area of the fairway or rough will provide a water-free path. The uPro offers aerial and satellite photographs of thousands of golf courses. The easy-to-comprehend user-interface is crisp and intuitive. The uPro is remarkably easy to carry, with a sleek and unobtrusive design that fits in a pocket or belt holder without interfering with your natural golf swing. In addition, the unit has the quickest startup time of any golf GPS system, with a super-fast GPS locking system. And thanks to the high GPS sensitivity, the uPro remains locked even under the most extreme conditions. The uPro offers two basic modes for golf course downloads. In Basic mode, the uPro shows the distance to the front and back of all hazards and differentiates the type of hazards. Each hazard is automatically displayed in sequential order based on the current user position, and then is updated as the user moves throughout the hole. Basic mode also provides a green view, with large, easy-to-read numbers that depict the distance to the front, center, and back of the green. In Pro mode, meanwhile, the device offers a video flyover that lets the user see the layout of the hole from an aerial perspective. From the center of the green, users can see the 100-, 150-, and 200-yard markers. The Pro mode also offers scale-accurate measurements that are used to measure to and from any point on the golf course, even from the outskirts of the rough. The uPro is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Mac OS X v10.4 or later (Windows 2000 is the oldest version of Windows that is compatible with the uPro). However, note that the uPro does not require any additional software to connect with the uPro servers. Instead, users can easily download golf courses at uPro’s web site. Once you’re online, the web site gives the user a list of all golf courses in the U.S.–in your choice of Basic or Pro mode–on a click-and-buy basis. The unit’s GPS technology also automatically determines which courses are nearby. And as an add-on software download, the device can accept voice commands to make menu navigation virtually hands-free. The uPro comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a wall adapter, a USB cable, and a single free Pro mode download of any golf course. The device comes with a six-month warranty.

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uPro Golf GPS by Callaway Golf