Typing Instructor For Kids Platinum MAC

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Product Features:

  • Entertaining, motivating typing software teaches kids how to type
  • Covers keyboarding basics, proper hand positions, speed, and accuracy
  • Explore distinct lands; experience exciting castle adventures
  • Arcade-style play and multiple levels; learn in English or Spanish
  • 160 lessons; over 30 typing challenges; hundreds of tests; instant feedback

Product Description

Typing Instructor for Kids is the #1 best-selling typing program for kids. It is the only typing software designed to teach young children to type that?s packed with just the right mixture of education, entertainment, and motivation, so kids can improve their typing skills quickly and see immediate results! Kids learn to type with 10 age-appropriate lesson plans for specific age groups, beginning with ages 6 & 7. Hundreds of typing lessons, exercises, tests, and challenges. Variety of ways to practice typing, with games, lessons, drills, advanced skill-building lessons and challenges, plus 40 engaging Practice Stories.

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Typing Instructor For Kids Platinum MAC


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