The Road to 850 (Proven Strategies for Increasing Your Credit Score)

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This is one book you must have! As a result of the credit crisis, many financial institutions have raised their credit score requirements. Credit scores are impacting everyone from every angle. The Road to 850 provides a much greater background and understanding to the credit scoring system than any previously published book. In fact, The Road to 850 has been given the coveted endorsement of the AFCPE – American Financial Counseling, Planning and Education Association in June 2009. In its review, they write, The Road to 850 "covers in detail the vast credit industry and navigates with ease the questions that plague even "qualified" people." It is "highly recommended for financial and credit counselors as well as all individuals wanting to increase their scores-which would be everyone." The Road to 850 describes how credit risk is scored. It explains the four critical ratios, the four important dates and the four levels of delinquency. Lastly, it provides 94 proven strategies and identifies the requirements for a credit score in the golden range — 760 to 850. The Road to 850 has received many additional rave reviews from readers: "What an excellent book! Easy to read. Thanks a lot for giving us the opportunity to get to 850!", "My book is filled with great information, some of which I have never heard before despite an abiding interest in the subject and previous research. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to raise his score, even if it’s already a high one. This book is priceless." The Road to 850 has been highlighted by Kurtis Ming (KOVR / CBS in Sacramento), Nicole Crites (KPHO / CBS in Phoenix), Bill Gephardt (KUTV / CBS in Salt Lake City), Paula Ebbers (WBZ / CBS in Boston) and a host of other national television and radio reporters. Whether you have a 725 or a 525 credit score, this is one book you must have! A companion of The Road to 850 is the video series, The Quest for 850. You can also order this 4-set video at Amazon.

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The Road to 850 (Proven Strategies for Increasing Your Credit Score)


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