The Credit Secrets Bible

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Credit Repair and Bankruptcy Are Just About Illegal! Only 1 out of every 5 Bankruptcies is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Debt Forgiveness. 4 out of every 5 are forced into Chapter 13! Commonly referred to as Debtors Prison! You Will Have To Repay Your Entire Debt! Don’t let this happen to YOU! How can you prevent it? You need the Credit Secrets Bible – All new for 2007, The Credit Secrets Bible (CSB). Plagued by Bankruptcy? Debt? Credit Problems? Could you use a $5,000 Card with no Credit Check? Low (Fico) Credit Score keeping you out of that car or home? You have come to the place that has all the answers and teaches you how to unlock the secrets of the credit system. What if you already filed Bankruptcy? No Sweat! The CSB is packed full of the information you’ll need to rebuild your credit and your Fico score at warp speed! Bankruptcy? Bills? Job Loss? Divorce? Tired of fighting the CREDIT BATTLE? You can stop fighting the Credit Reporting Agencies and make them WORK for YOU! This information CAN and WILL change YOUR CREDIT LIFE! Everything you ever wanted to know about Credit Repair and Bankruptcy but were afraid to ask. The CSB exposes the secrets behind the credit system. The same secrets the government, the banks, and the credit card companies don’t want you to know. Credit repair clinics and attorneys can charge hundreds even thousands of dollars for the techniques discussed in the CSB. The same techniques you can use yourself to avoid bankruptcy and repair your credit. This educational guide is one of the most comprehensive publications ever compiled in helping you get, keep and repair your credit. Even if you have already filed bankruptcy, this publication can guide you in re-establishing your credit rating. Includes The Audio Companion CD – Listen to this education publication while you drive to work or in the comfort of your home.

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The Credit Secrets Bible