The Credit DVD: Fundamentals

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Product Features:

  • “Every savvy consumer needs this inside information on FICO scoring” Craig Watts, Fair Isaac Corporation- The creator of FICO scores.
  • “This program is sure to bring awareness and understanding of credit and credit scoring to an entirely new level” Mark F. Catone, Senior Vice President, First American Title, CREDCO
  • “I don’t wish for any Real Estate or a mortgage professional to be discussing the subject of credit with a client who has seen this DVD and he or she hasn’t ” Shay Tengan, First American Title

Product Description

This DVD was edited word for word by the people who created the FICO score-Fair Isaac Corporation. This DVD will help you establish, build, fix, improve, maintain and protect the three most important numbers to your financial health, your FICO score. With the most accurate and up to date information, you will learn in this DVD the truth about credit scores, credit reports, how credit scores were developed, how your credit score is calculated, what the credit bureaus do, the do’s and don’ts of good credit health, when ‘good advice’ can be very bad and much more… It’s a Hollywood production, filled with visuals, graphics and anecdotes that demystify this often very complex subject. The DVD is divided into chapters so you can learn at your own pace and apply the lessons learned immediately.

Producer: Nabil Captan
Director: James Becket Award Winning Director
Narrator: Ginny Ferguson Nationally Renowned Credit Expert
Editor: Norm Anderson

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The Credit DVD: Fundamentals


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