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As CEO and credit expert behind the nation?s leading credit repair firm, Score More Credit, I was a man with secrets.Score More Credit?s meteoric rise was a direct result of the results we obtained for our clients. The question everyone wanted to know was how did we do it? What few realized is that I spent over 12 months interviewing former executives from the credit bureaus, collection agency CEOs, bank managers, and the leading credit attorneys in the USA? in an attempt to blueprint how each operated on a day to day basis. With this knowledge in hand, I was able to reverse engineer my own proprietary system I called the Credit Audit.”Real Credit Repair” is a compilation of the information I gathered, including manuscripts from actual interviews.I have since sold Score More Credit to pursue my life?s passions. I have no reason to keep these secrets to myself anymore. I built a business based on my ability to consistently remove over 70% of the items I challenged for my clients with the information you have in your hands. All you need to do is follow my instructions to get the credit you deserve.

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Real Credit Repair


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