How to Improve Your Credit Score


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Description: Your credit score, as reflected in your credit report usually obtained from the credit bureaus, repr…

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  3. Bryan Riddle Reply

    I used freedomcreditreliefcom and they help me in 35 days. Raised my score 107 points. Just a suggesting. I’m in the military and they gave me a discount.

  4. YourFinancesSimple Reply

    Awesome job on the video. Keep up the good work

  5. ShotAmazingGun Reply

    Great video :)

  6. Celebrityk Reply


  7. Mary Crespo Reply

    Whoever gave you the information at your bank isn’t entirely accurate. The only way is won’t effect your score is if all your other cards have little to no balances and the card has the shortest length of history among all of your cards. Which isn’t the case for most people needing credit repair.

    I have worked with loan officers who I have advised not to give any advice to their customers because they have given information that was detrimental to their scores.

  8. jaytrosvig Reply

    And I’m only sticking to 1. Case closed.

  9. Patel Gokul Reply

    This is wrong information..if you have cancelled your credit card with good standing. It must not effect your credit score. I have talked about this with BANK itself. They have told me that to cancel or close the old credit card does not affect your credit score. If you have 500 dollar credit card and cancel it with 500 dollar paid back. It should not effect your credit score..Or just make lots of money and the banks can easily change their mind..

  10. Jeffrey Ulatan Reply

    lol I have several big loans, NFCU $38,000 loan, PENFED $150,000 mortage, 8 credit cards, 3 secure credit cards, and 2 auto loans with USAA at almost $24,000. I’m only 20 and in major debt, but I can handle it :) 

  11. Tracy Chatman Reply

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  12. ced drich Reply

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  13. Michael Parker Reply

    i’ll give up my credit score to blow a load on her face

  14. mostpopular2010 Reply

    A 100 point difference in your FICO® score could mean over $40,000 extra in interest payments over the life of a 30 year mortgage on a $300,000 home loan.DIAL:1-877-375-3165

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  16. Mark Clayborne Reply

    thanks for the tips

  17. ShoeBakka1 Reply

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  18. av63pnt0 Reply

    alicia your so sweet you make my tooth ache lolll

  19. Mark Clayborne Reply

    Just to add, the fastest way to raise your credit score is to:
    1.Get current on all your bills.
    2.Start Self-Credit Repair
    3.Pay down your balances to at least 7%
    4.Don’t close or open new accounts
    5.Try to have a mixture of credit.

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  21. resourcefulcapital Reply

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  22. Patel Gokul Reply

    The credit system is also a farce..I mean if i got 500 credit card then its only good until i used it. Once I used it to buy 500 dollar stuff then I HAVE TO PAY IT BACK before using that 500 credit card again. I think after 10 or so billing cycle, you will end up using only the amount that you have paid. The bank only gives you free money for one time and then you come in a cycle of PAY IT & USE IT + pay interest.

  23. Mulatto Mann Reply

    Im like $10,000 which includes my car and some delinquent accounts and i feel stressed and im 21. -_- How do you do it?? You must have a decent job.

  24. Patel Gokul Reply

    The bank does not need an honest borrower. The bank needs the fool one who can continue to pay the interest as long as possible. The bank does not lose the money in any case. Think twice before taking any credit card. Americans cant blame the goverment for the debt as majority of them have unhealthy debt themselves. If they cant take care of their own money then they should forget that a third person will take care of their tax dollars!!

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