How to Improve Your Credit Score Effectively (Money Matters)

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Your credit score is one of your most important pieces of personal information, affecting a wide range of areas in your life, often without you even realizing it. A good credit score can make all the difference between getting loans and being turned down; paying low interest rates versus high; getting a great apartment when they run a credit check, or losing the place to someone else with a better credit score. A good credit score is so important these days that it can even mean the difference between getting hired for a great job and falling at the final hurdle when they run a background check.Times have been tough for many people for the past few years as a result of the recession. If your credit score is poor or only fair, it is time to start taking matters into your own hands to turn around this financial disaster.If you want to improve your credit score to get it up into the excellent range in a systematic way, this guide will discuss the tried and tested steps you can follow to help improve your credit score and therefore your financial future.In this guide, you will discover:+ The five main criteria for allocating your credit score+ What you can do to start improving your credit score today+ Your best strategies for paying down debt+ How bankruptcy affects your credit scoreand much more. Your credit score is affected by a wide range of factors which you need to be aware of if you are to increase your credit score effectively.There are a lot of myths about credit scores and how you can improve yours. In this guide you will learn:+ How to get truly free copies of your credit report+ How to challenge any errors on your credit score+ Why you should check your bank account for any debit card transactions every day+ Why good financial records are so important for maintaining a high credit score+ Your legal rights with respect to your credit report.There is no need to keep struggling to try to manage your money and get a great credit score. Learn the most effective methods for boosting your finances so you do not keep missing out on the better things in life. Your finances are not just about your credit score, however. They also involve looking at your attitudes to money, saving and spending, and taking concrete steps to not fall into debt again.Use this guide to learn how to:+ Increase your monthly take-home pay to pay down your debt faster without taking on a second job+ Budget effectively+ Take advantage of promising legitimate work at home opportunities to help increase your income+ Take action effectively to boost your credit score and keep it high+ Deal with late payment issues or non-payment issues if they ever arise through no fault of your ownand much more. If you have been struggling with poor finances and a low credit score, you owe it to yourself and your family to start taking steps today to improve your situation as soon as possible. Take charge of your entire financial future by building better credit and boosting your credit score with the help of this guide.Word Count=21,800=====TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTIONCHAPTER 1: HOW CREDIT SCORES ARE CALCULATEDCHAPTER 2: PAYING DOWN DEBT CHAPTER 3: BUDGETING EFFECTIVELYCHAPTER 4: SAVING IN YOUR EMERGENCY FUNDCHAPTER 5: INCREASING YOUR INCOMECHAPTER 6: STRATEGICALLY REBUILDING YOUR CREDITCHAPTER 7: SHOULD YOU USE A CREDIT REPAIR COMPANY?CONCLUSIONFURTHER READING RESOURCES=====ABOUT THE AUTHORSJim Franklin is a journalist and writer on a variety of financial topics designed to help you make the most of your money. He is a regular contributor to a variety of blogs and websites, including He is the author of nearly a dozen step-by-step guides on topics ranging from life insurance to the property market.Annabelle is one of the editors and writers for, and the author of over two dozen self-help guides on a range of finance and health topics.

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How to Improve Your Credit Score Effectively (Money Matters)


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