how is credit established? and how is credit reported?


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    If your credit score is low, you need to find ways to achieve fast credit repair. If you are going to apply for a loan or know that you will in the near future to apply, you must do something to raise your credit score. Even if you do not plan on applying for more credit now it is good to start repairing your credit as quickly as possible. The earlier you start, the sooner you can improve your credit rating … rather than waiting until you need it!

    So here are 3 quick credit repair tips. If you follow this advice to be on the way to improve your credit rating in no time.

    1. Know exactly where you stand

    The first thing to do if you want to improve your credit score is to know exactly where you stand. This means sitting with a piece of paper and write all amounts you owe, along with the monthly payments that you follow to pay down any debt.

    You should also work about how much you spend per month on essentials like food, rent, utilities, personal care, car maintenance and gas. It is important to build in a realistic estimate for your social life. These are your minimum monthly cost.

    Now add your monthly debt payments and your minimum monthly cost. This is your spending budget.

    Next you think about your income. Is it more or less than your spending budget? If your income is, fast credit repair should be as long as possible to your budget and avoid money on unnecessary things. But if your income is lower than your budget, you must have the ability to reduce or increase your budget to think about your income.

    2. Pay on time and pay extra

    One of the most important things you can do for fast credit repair, your bills and debt repayments to be paid on time. Most companies give you about 3 weeks before they consider the payment past due. Make sure you pay during that time. Late payments set up a red flag that looks bad for your credit history.

    Try to always pay at least the amount of your monthly repayments, and if you can. If you make less than the minimum payment, that’s a red flag and is very likely to help your guests get worse rather than better.

    If you manage to pay a few dollars more than the minimum payment each time, go ahead and do it. That looks really good from the perspective of the credit companies and also help you pay off your bills faster. This is one of the best things you can do for fast credit repair.

    3. Resist Deals

    If you try to repair your credit score is to start, you do not want to reduce your debt further or spread your payments. So if the credit company offers a kind of store where you extend the loan for a longer time to start, it’s much better to politely refuse.

    You you can either lower payments or a time when ‘legal’ can skip payments. In any case, it will not help your credit score. Resist the temptation when you improve your credit history and achieve fast credit repair.

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