Expert Pack: World of Tanks [Game Connect]

61u1WV9pYaL. SL160  Expert Pack: World of Tanks [Game Connect]
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Price: $20.00

Product Features:

  • Ram-II
  • Additional Slot
  • 100% trained crew
  • Gold (1500)
  • Credits (50,000)

Product Description

Advanced players looking to amplify their presence in the battle need look no further than the Expert Pack. Destroy the opposition with the powerful Ram-II, an American-made Medium Tank known for its surprising mobility, powerful gun, and formidable armor. The Expert Pack also includes an additional garage slot for any tank you wish to add to your arsenal, as well as a fully trained crew with advanced skills and perks already unlocked. Outfit your newly acquired Ram-II, or any other Premium Tank you may own, with premium ammo and consumables with the included 1,500 gold, or upgrade your existing stable of non-premium tanks with new modules and equipment with the included 50,000 credits.NOTE: You may only have one of each tank type.