El DVD del crédito: Básico

419Nzc54BDL. SL160  El DVD del crédito: Básico
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Price: $24.95

Product Features:

  • “Every savvy consumer needs this inside information on FICO R scoring” Craig Watts, Fair Isaac Corporation- The creator of FICO scores.
  • “This program is sure to bring awareness and understanding of credit and credit scoring to an entirely new level” Mark F. Catone, Senior Vice President, First American Title, CREDCO
  • “I don’t wish for any Real Estate or a mortgage professional to be discussing the subject of credit with a client who has seen this DVD and he or she hasn’t ” Shay Tengan, First American Title

Product Description

This DVD was created to accommodate a great need in the underserved and well deserving Latino community, and where many are entering the credit driven economy for the first time. El DVD del cr


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