Credit Warfare: Retake Control Of Your Financial Life!

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In the early 1990s we experienced a recession not quite as bad as the great recession of 2012 but painful for many nonetheless. Back then I did live radio five nights a week on this one subject (credit) broadcast out of Miami. The program, like this book, was called Credit Warfare and focused each night on a new credit or debt issue. Many people listened nightly on their ride home from work. It was the highest rated program on AM radio during drive time because so many people needed help.Doctors, lawyers, judges, secretaries, police officers, nurses, truck drivers etc? listened to Credit Warfare and used the information to pull their lives back together. A superior court judge became a federal judge. A police lieutenant became a captain. Others got new jobs and started businesses. They were now able to get the best rates on insurance, homes, cars, credit cards and so on because they were trained to handle their credit / debt business themselves. As I write this book more than 61 million Americans have bad credit with another 30 ? 40 million classified as bruised to sub-prime. I knew things were getting bad back in 2007 when I started receiving emails from those who listened to me on the radio or came to seminars 15 years earlier asking for help again.As was the case then, you can re-take control of your financial life without a credit repair company, credit counseling or in most cases an attorney. You can stop the creditors, collectors and lawyers with little effort and regain some sense of serenity in very short order if you know what your rights are and how to enforce them. You truly can remove any negative information from your credit report on your own legally with minimal time invested. Credit Warfare will provide you with the knowledge you need backed up with legal references, resources, a plan of action and step by step instruction to deal with any credit or debt collection issue regardless of whether you are a novice or experienced consumer. Most importantly this book will help you sleep at night knowing you have the power to fix the issues at hand and protect yourself from any further attacks.

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Credit Warfare: Retake Control Of Your Financial Life!


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