Credit Repair: 10 Basics That Everyone Should Know

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Statistics show that at any given time there are
millions of people in the U.S. who, for many
reasons, have less than perfect credit.

Often it is due to the fact that life happens to
all of us. Reduction in income due to hours being
cut at your job, a complete loss of a job, a medical
event, death, divorce, etc.

But, it is also clear that frequently negative things
start getting placed on people’s credit reports
simply as a result of them not having a full knowledge
of how credit works to begin with.

For Example: Something as very basic as making a payment
by the "due date" we think everyone would just know. But
there is a common misconception by millions who believe
anytime within 3 to 5 days after the "due date" is okay.

It is for reasons, such as this, that we created our guide:
Credit Tips – 10 Credit Repair Basics That Everyone
Show Know eBook

Because you can’t really begin to effectively start the
process of repairing your credit until you understand the
very basics. And as the title says, these are 10 simple

Maybe these are things that you already know. But we are
absolutely certain there are many who don’t know, or have
some misunderstanding, received misinformation, etc.

This is why we’ve listed this guide at a nominal price
of 99 cents. We wanted to make it affordable so that
everyone can benefit from this. Whether it is brand new
information to some… or just good refresher info
for others.

This guide will be the first in our popular Credit Assist
eBook series that we our in the process of converting to
the kindle format.

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Credit Repair: 10 Basics That Everyone Should Know