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Welcome to Credit Fix Score website.  Our goal is to provide you with useful information to assist you in making the right decision on how to repair your credit.  Each day more and more individuals find themselves in a position that is hurting their credit score.  Being laid off due the present economy, or  from just having too much debt and not enough income to pay  bills on time each month.

You might be in the same place where I found myself a little over two years go?  I was laid off and force to use my retirement account to pay bills while trying to find employment.  Unemployment paid very little, and eventually my retirement account went dry.  Unfortunately the companies and  bill collectors did not care that I could not pay my bills.  They just wanted their money by any means necessary!  That is when I decided that I needed to be DEBT FREE!  I knew it would take time, and  I needed a plan to accomplish what I needed to do.

This is when I began doing research on how to get DEBT FREE, and how to pay off those annoying bill collectors.  But I needed more than just paying my obligations off.   I knew I needed to repair my credit, and I needed a fast way to do it!  

To save you the time of running all over the Internet and going from website to website  like I did looking for information, books, etc….  I have created to make your journey shorter and easier than mine.  I hope you find what you need here and I look forward to the day you pay your bills off and fix your credit score!


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