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Credit Repair Tips Interview with Jeremy Maher & Bob Poole

[youtube_post video_id="TrLWCHLPuKI"] Description: Jeremy Maher Interview for on credit repair tips to help increase your credit scores. Several credit myths are debunked in this credit… Read more

When the Bank is Too Alert to Stolen Credit Cards

Sometimes, your bank can take too much care treating you right. Consider this scenario: you are in a celebratory mood one day, and you decide to take an impromptu drive down to the South Carolina furniture store area that you’ve heard so much about. You take your credit card out for some air. After a [...] Read more

The State of Your Financial Planning

Everyone has a way they go about budgeting and spending their money. The problem for most people that seem to have out of control finances is that they are not doing as good a job as they may think. Financial planning comes in many forms, from planning for retirement or to pay for education for [...] Read more

The Trouble Thieves Go to for your Credit Card Money

Do you remember how John Connor in the Terminator 2 movie would go to any ATM, plug his Atari laptop into the slot and do whatever he had to do to get a little “Eeezy money”? Thieves who go after your debit or credit card money aren’t resourceful on their own the way, Sarah or [...] Read more

Borrowing Money As S Small Businessman

There’s really no shortage of banks out there that offer small business loans; still, you have to realize that borrowing money, going to an institution that doesn’t actually specialize in small business loans can really leave you shortchanged. The thing is, to lenders, how familiar they happen to be with a particular industry affects Read more
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