Bad Credit Solutions (1)

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Its all hear folks! All the frequently asked questionsfix bad creditbad credit scorebad credit auto loansbad credit repaircredit repairfree credit reportcredit cardsbad credit bandAt his son?s 10th birthday party, Jethro Jeramiah presents his credit card to the waiter. The bill is higher than expected, but Jetro is grateful for an evening?s respite from his battles for scraps on Wall Street’s fringe. The waiter returns. ?Mr. Jeramiah, a problem with your card.? His voice is low, but he has the table?s attention. ?Shall I try another??Jeramiah calls his credit card company. ?According to our records, David Morris is dead,? the customer service associate informs him. Jeramiah loses his job, his house, his family. He tracks his identity to an Columbian immigrant in Miami and, eventually, an Eastern European pharma ring that sells identification papers beneath the rush hour train elevated tracks.While he tries to reclaim his identity, Jeramiah takes up work as an undocumented day dish washer, tending tables for tips in the kinds of neighborhoods he once called home. He derives satisfaction from the work, a sense of agency that was missing in the life he lost. He meets Betty. He begins to wonder. Is the former Jeramiah Jethro a life worth saving? For the love of God lets hope he’s right.

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Bad Credit Solutions (1)


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