58 Credit Tips, Facts, Myths & Tips Revealed – Part 2

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We would hazard a guess that the vast majority of people feel as though they are "missing out" on something or do not have enough knowledge about financial matters. This is especially true when the subject of credit scores, credit ratings, and credit in general arises.How often have you felt either embarrassed or ashamed by your lack of knowledge when discussing your financial affairs with a bank, lender, creditor or financial institution? Unfortunately, there is so much to know and learn it’s often difficult to know where to start.This is the exact reason why we have produced our guides to Credit Facts, Myths & Tips. This part 2 of our wonderful 2-part mini-series will reveal various facts and misconceptions about credit scores, credit ratings, and indeed how financial institutions view your credit report. We realize that many people are thoroughly confused about this subject, and often there is no-one to turn to for advice. Do you ever feel as though your creditors talk in completely different language to you? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the information provided to you in your bank and financial statements?Our guide to Credit Facts, Myths & Tips is easy to read, and will provide you with a wealth of financial information that is enough to satisfy any financial consumer. This is your opportunity to put yourself in the driving seat, and never feel intimidated by a bank, lender or creditor again.

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58 Credit Tips, Facts, Myths & Tips Revealed – Part 2